Thursday, October 19, 2006

Another step closer

We were officially approved for a loan tonight by a couple different finance companies, and decided to work with the same crew who financed our purchase of Ma's house across the alley. Only two pieces of puzzle remain: the home inspection and listing our place. If the Madison Ave (I love the idea of living on Madison Ave) house gets a reasonable bill of health, we'll put ours up for sale.

As I type the clowns next door are throwing a mammoth party.

How the hell did we become such wheelin'-n'-dealin' real estate moguls? We're not exactly dripping with cash, after all. Most of the money I made when I was making decent money was spent on all those international adventures. Won't be many of those for a while. Well, maybe not.

We already have a boarder. Porc Heaven wants to rent two rooms on the third floor. Shit, we'll have the space. Rather have my bro upstairs than some JHU grad student.

Mustn't get too far ahead of ourselves now--this is still not a done deal. I'm trying not to furnish the rooms in my head yet (tho I'm thinking we'll have space for a billiards table). Starting to get all maudlin about stuff here at the current place: last time I'll rake these leaves, soon I won't have to share a bathroom with Cha, etc.

Julio, with his vast experience of the neighborhood and his intimate knowledge of these houses (he's done a great deal of work on his own right next door) has kindly agreed to walk through with us during the inspection. He'll have questions we won't, which will be great.


Silenus said...

Good luck down there. Are you fierce? Looks like a beautiful place. Stay the hell away from Calhoun St (of course there is a lot of fun to be had there).

geoff said...

Fierce? Remember: I'm not simply a G, I'm a double G.