Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sorry to clobber dead equines here.

Everything's in a whirl, what with the new job and the running around trying to tie down inspections and financing etc. Now we're doing the home inspection and the termite inspection on Madison Ave. Thursday because roping listing agents, buyer's agent, inspectors and owners into a mutually agreeable timeslot has been like herding some specie of animal that refuses to be herded, resulting in two postponements so far. If all goes well we'll be listing our house this week. If not, we're doomed to listen to Keith Urban and trip-hop blasting through the walls next door at 2am for at least a while longer. The frat pack has taken to throwing beer cans in our exterior cellar stairwell, though the owner if he sees them cleans them up right away to avoid having me confront him again. Somebody took a leak on Cha's car while it sat in our garage--she had a yellow drivers' side door one morning last week. Nice.

We found out that the frat house sold last May for about 15 grand less than we'd like to get for ours--but it has one less bedroom. The house two doors down the other direction sold for 30 grand less than that one in June, but was in pretty shabby condition. All of this just increases our anxiety, even though we'll still likely get thrice what we paid ten years ago.

In the meantime I'm somehow finding time to read three books at once, and should start getting back on point here this week. If I'm going to get 100 books read by the end of the year I better get cracking. It's also Halloween and there should be a scary movie recommendation post up or I'll lose all credibility.

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