Friday, October 20, 2006

Dog People vs. Cat People

Noam Chomsky always talks about the necessity of paired historical examples in making rational determinations and judgments. Here we have a cat and dog in the same situation where we can observe and compare their behavior.

Many factors must be taken into account here, but I'm going to simplify the article and distill what I think are the most salient points:

*cat starts fire
*cat leaves one-legged owner to burn to death and runs upstairs
*dog fetches phone for owner to call 911
*dog fetches prosthetic limb for owner to exit the building
*dog notices owner still needs help
*dog assists owner exiting the building
*dog returns to assist cat
*dog dies trying to rescue cat

Judgment: Score one paired example for the dog people!*

*I am more a dog than a cat person, but I certainly don't dislike kitties, nor cat people. Because of Cha's dander allergies I've become more of a fish and bird person than a dog person anyhow, so I can claim some measure of objectivity.

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Anna O. said...

Well, my cat uses transformative grammer when asking for tuna- can your dog do that?

btw- check out my blog if you feel so inclined. Your friend from chow down pool referred me to you.

Anna O.