Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Cable News

While rushing to get coffee and put on my shoes and feed the fish this morning I had MSNBC playing in the background. Lou Dobbs was on Imus sounding like a liberal blogger: erosion of the middle class, teachers leaving after five years in the classroom, rampant capitalism, corporations owning the political process, corporations writing legislation, both parties corrupt and complicit in the erosion of civil liberties.

Imus's response: "Well that pinhead Ned Lamont knocked off Joe Lieberman in Connecticut in the primary. We'll never fix the system if that kind of thing happens. He looks like John Michael Karr and is as qualified to be a senator as I am. Joe's going to beat him, too."

Moron. Joe Lieberman IS the problem with the system.

Dobbs is an odd sort of hard-edged capitalist with a xenophobic streak who's turned over the past few years into an advocate a French-style system of restraint and protection of civic society from the rampages of the free market. Of course he'd never acknowledge that the French were right about something. Dobbs has got a new book out like everybody else:

The chances I'll read this are next to nil, but the fact that a business-minded conservative is releasing such a book just before the election is evidence of how strange our politics has become.

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