Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Music contra the doldrums

After several glorious warm and sunny days, today is all overcast and gloom. Don't get me wrong--I like gloomy weather, and I particularly love fall weather. But there's a certain sting of inevitability to today's weather like a blow to the face. "Hey, losers," Old Man Winter says. "Those heating bills are coming." Gulp.

But The Boss is out today and I have music playing as I read children's books and squeeze them into lesson plans, so all is OK:


Nick said...

How is that John Cale--and is that the new edition? Was thinking about checking that one out myself.

geoff said...

I actually bought the 'old' edition without the extra versions.

Paris 1919 grew on me quickly. Like non-electric VU with lush orchestral backgrounds. Typically I reject pop music with lots of violins, but this one works. If we ever manage to hook up I could provide a ripped...