Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Not sure how often or how well I'll be blogging the next couple of weeks. New job, new sleep schedule, more time spent with the spouse--less time potentially for reading and blogging about books, etc. Also, I will no longer spend hours a day at work reading blogs and blogging at will as I could before. I've already got rather large projects spread before me; even if they allow one to blog at work, I'll have little time to do so. Will I blog from home? Eh.

What I can tell you so far: The men's room here smells like KFC. There is exactly one male in my department (but I'm not the only one who uses the men's room, which is for the entire floor, including HR and IT and several other departments). We had a developer's meeting today (9 women plus me) which was full of jargon and mysterious acronyms. Everyone is really nice and many people are extremely hyper, excepting those who work in math and science, who are gloomy. I have an office with a window with a lovely view of West Towson, including the police station.

I'm writing curricula for

which is a fourth-grade text. The trees don't actually sing, so I get to explain Figurative Language to little kids. Or at least prepare the teacher to do so.

Soon I should be finished books 76-78 in the annual countdown to 100. We'll see. I'd also like to comment on Republican family-values types in Congress whose personal lives are sordid and repressed, but that will have to wait.

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Anonymous said...

Didn't anyone tell you there are no men in the education field under the 7th grade? I am so excited for have no idea how much your life will change now that you have curricular deadlines! Reading? Come on, I read for 20 minutes a night before I pass out cold! At least you might sleep better at night now that your brain will be fried!

Lil Sis- (and yes that IS my way of being supportive!)