Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Tonight Cha and I took a walk, which is something we can do together now that we work similar hours. We walked up to Pasta Mista for a slice, looked at some furniture, saw Silenus,and found a Yoga center we'd not known about. Not two days before we'd been discussing taking some sort of Tai Chi/yoga class together.

Now that I'm not able to run because of bum joints and feet, I need some sort of low-impact physical activity that's also highly demanding. The problem with yoga is that I'm the least flexible human being ever placed on planet Earth. We used to do those Presidential fitness tests in school, right? I'd get 98% on EVERYTHING (well, excepting lay-ups). I could out-pull-up, out-run in the mile, out rope-climb 98% of Americans my age. But when it came to the flexibility test I always was down in the 30s, going all the way back to elementary school. No amount of stretching has ever changed this for the better. Inflexibility in the lower back and hams and calves must run deep into the foggy prehistory of my mongrel ancestry. Once I had a promo copy of a DVD by some cat named Rodney Yee called Beginner's Yoga. Rodney--bathed in a glorious Hawaiian sunrise--sat majestic on a slab of red stone near the beach, and described how his program was designed specifically for the flexibility-challenged beginner. Then he announced the first pose, "right big toe in the left ear," and I ejected the disc in disgust.

But I Do Yoga offers cheap community classes for $7 a pop, and it's only a couple blocks from home. We'll give those a shot, see what happens, and then if I can manage we'll try the bargain couples yoga rate (hubba hubba). It's been two months since I've had a decent cardio workout, and I fear the fall flab if I don't get active ASAP.


Nick said...

Why not swimming?

The quiet walks sound wonderful--Tien and I have been able to fit in a run together about every week. Also, we got bikes! And a rack--NCR every Sunday for the past couple of months. [finally got my bike this past weekend] One time I ran behind Taran while he biked, went up four miles, came back two, stopped asked a fisherman how he was doing, hooked up with five of his friends and a dog, ran loops up and down the Phoenix stop with them, ran into a bush and then continued back the rest of the way. That was good.

geoff said...

We bought bikes two years ago and have been out a few times, but finding a time when we both could go was next to impossible. Now we should be able to hit the trail regularly.

A nice rack?

I like the NCR trail. I ran around those woods in high school on the X-country team at Hereford. It's easy on the ankles, nicely maintained. Wish there were more hills.