Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A happier palate

After 7 years working at the University and eating lunches at home, it's exciting to be back in downtown Towson with its variety of good eats. One of the coolest things about my new job is the fact I'm only a block away from The Health Concern. Now I can graze on strange foods to my heart's content. Today's lunch? A sprout sandwich on rye, a double side featuring shiitake mushroom jerky and banana chips, and an after of organic fig bars.

Mmmm, mmm.


Seth Anderson said...

mmm, that actually does sound good. Could you send me something?

In my walking distance restaurant region, there is a blend of high end places (Blackbird, Marche, Sushi Wabi , all of which will cost you $50 a person, plus drinks, or more if you're actually hungry) and scuzzy low end dives (for instance Jim Ching's Americanized Cantonese food, a menu from circa 1957). Nothing really in the middle, and certainly no places with tasty, healthy food as you are describing.

It must be lunchtime, as I'm really hungry now....:)

geoff said...

There's nothing particularly high-end in Towson. A new joint named (ostentatiously enough) VIN just opened up, however. Looks oh so chic! We've got a few chains: Paolo's, Bahama Breeze, The Melting Pot, Ruby Tuesday's, and a few great grease-joints like The Real Thing and Pizza Palace and Frisco Burrito. There are small speciality bakeries, grocers' (including a Trader Joe's), and bistros out the wazoo to boot.

But Towson's best feature? Numerous mid-price Thai and Japanese and Korean and Chinese places: Sushi Hana, Kyodai, Thai One On, Sans Sushi, Almond and Sesame, The Orient, The Golden Dragon, Purim Oak--Christ, I can't name them all, and they're all within a couple blocks of work. The Health Concern and the Thursday farmer's market are great, too. I should start packing a lunch again to avoid blowing the budget.

Bon appetit

Anonymous said...

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Nick said...

I hit the Waverly market every Sat. It rules, verily. You missed the "best" for just plain amer/chinese--Towson Best. Haven't ordered there for a while though. Take out from Sushi Hana has blown the past few times, what a shame, esp. as they are not cheap. You know about P. Mista, have you been to Los Amigos Dos? Fabulous.

geoff said...

I stopped going to Hana for over a year, but when the sushi at Kyodai dropped significantly in quality we returned and the food was great but the service suspect. They are pricey!

Cha used to work the Waverly market weekly--I love the woman with the chicken and white bean chili, and also the dude with the ginger drinks. Good stuff there. I don't think I've been to Towson Best since Borders days. And yes, we usually go to Los Amigos Uno, but I've been to Dos too, many times. Very happy they're on this side of town now.