Thursday, September 21, 2006


I'm only a third of the way through season 2, and I'm completely involved. In fact, I watched four episodes straight last night, and now have to wait until Netflix delivers more tomorrow. Just great stuff. Glad to see my old pals McNulty, Omar and Bubbles. Love the sub-plot about the Balto. City police major who only decides to do real police work when a longshoreman's union boss beats him to a window donation in the new nave of a local Catholic church. Too funny, and quite real. Al Brown's Bawlmorese is exquisite: I've never heard such a strong Dundalk accent on TV outside of John Waters films or Babs Mikulski on CSPAN.


Seth Anderson said...

I always meant to ask you about The Wire, and authenticity and so forth. I couldn't help but wonder where you lived in relation to the only Baltimore I know- that of the Wire (I may have driven through, but I have no memory of doing so).

Prior to the current season starting on HBO, they ran a 30 minute docu about language, and Baltimore-isms. Sure to be included on the DVD. Also, apparently several of the actors on the show were former criminals, some of them arrested by the co-producer, prior to their rehab.

Yadda yadda, truly one of the better serial dramas. No easy answers, no clear deliniations of 'good' and 'bad', not shite in other words.

geoff said...

I live two miles north of the city line in Baltimore County, and often venture into Wire-land for food, beer, antiquing, museums, music, etc. The show feels absolutely authentic, even moreso than the previous David Simon series Homicide.

Of course I've never lived IN Baltimore, but have lived in the environs for most of my life.