Monday, September 11, 2006

Decisions, decisions

Apparently my interview went well last Wednesday. I met with the HR rep and answered some standard BS questions before being ushered into the back to speak to a Director of Something. Then I took a writing assessment test.

Said HR rep called me today to say they were planning to offer me the position pending a reference check. I told them they could call my current boss and my former bosses to their hearts' content.

Now the question becomes: Will I or won't I accept? The salary is larger, the hours are daytime weekday instead of nighttime/Sunday, but I'll need to find out about health insurance because Cha and I are both currently covered amply by the State of MD. Before deciding to leave I'd have to make sure we'd both get adequate coverage. Also, I lose tuition remission and lavish vacation/sick day benefits if I leave.

The new job is weird--I'd have to read children's books and write curricula for 2nd-8th grade. I have no experience with wee ones, or wee ones' books, but the organization is a non-profit specializing in helping poorly performing schools get their scores up, so I'll feel somewhat useful. My lack of experience must not matter because I beat out public school teachers who were going for the gig. My teaching experience is all university-level.

Compared to the tedium of Liberry Land the job seems all sunshine. And, it's only two blocks from home.


Anonymous said...

Dude, this is right up my alley! Need any help...give a call.

Good luck, I think you'd be great at designing curricula for that age group. Because you are smart enough to know that children learn through experiences, not worksheets! FUN STUFF!

Lil Sis!

Gen'ral Zad said...


That sounds great, Geoff...and I'm curious to see what sort of pinko-commie propaganda you can insert into our wee ones' curricula.

Bennies are important, though....but I'll bet they do offer something adequate (probably not as good as the state's, but I guess tradeoffs must be made)

geoff said...

I think I got the job because I told them my wife and little sister were big wigs in education, and that I could bug them if I had no idea WTF I was doing.

I'd tend more toward anarcho-syndicalist propaganda, with a strange melange of libertarianism on certain social issues.

Isn't 'bennies' slang for amphetemines?

Seth Anderson said...

Yes, I think Jack Kerouac wrote out the phrase, it's all about the bennies, but then erased it from his typed roll before publication. If he had left it in, you might have liked his book more. Ahem.

And yes, I shoudl probably go to sleep instead of blathering in comments to old posts.

geoff said...

Sleep? Fuck it.

I was never much for chemicals--always preferred organics. Perhaps that's why I disliked OTR so much!

Anonymous said...

GOD! I hope for your sake no one from this organization can read this blog! This conversation alone is enough for them to say, "what the fuck did we just do????"

I checked out the webiste, looks like a great place with a stand up mission!

Lil Sis

geoff said...

They were developed at JHU in the late '80s, and already they're in 48 states, and own a big office building here in Towson for their national HQ. Must be doing something right.

Anonymous said...

I was reading components of their ECE program and they are really with it as far as early learning theory. Rare to find a non prof that is on traget with current research standards. Kudos to them and you for going to one of the good guys. :) Lil Sis

geoff said...

Now you're at KA, Cha's at YA, and I'm at SFA. WTF?