Tuesday, September 26, 2006


The joy at leaving a tedious, mind-numbing sinecure having faded and been replaced by anxiety over the commencement of another potentially tedious, mind-numbing, less secure position, I now can allow myself the smallest portions of nostalgic regret. Each task accomplished becomes a milestone, a moment of reflection: my last book catalogged, my last video order placed, my last credit card statement reconciled, my last invoice filed, my last inter-library loan requests fulfilled. Eagerly anticipated? My last patron assisted, my last microfilm reel loaded and re-filed, my last periodical shelved. Also, my last cake and coffee party with the Aunties. These finalities will be accomplished Thursday, at which time Cha and I depart for Rehobeth Beach and yet another in a sudden series of weekend weddings. A couple days at the beach in a nice hotel, a bit of drink and dance, and thence to a new gig renewed.

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