Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Tunes They are a-Modern

Zimmerman's croak is thicker, harsher--like a weathered butte suddenly trying to sing. The tunes are reminiscent of those on Love and Theft, ranging from driving rockabilly blues and country riffs to a sort of perverse lilting French cafe jazz. Haven't paid much mind to the words as yet but so far I dig.

I turned Julio on to Gillian Welch and Dave Rawlings; his enthusiasm grew to the point that he bought this Robyn Hitchcock CD which features my favorite folksy duo as back-up band. Very appealing, very Syd-Barrett-ish. Might get more Hithcock.

I like V in its entirety more than I liked American III or IV. It's heavy; Johnny is ready to meet his Maker, and looks forward to finding June Carter at the Pearly Gates. On some tracks he can barely get breath, but it works, particularly on the Gordon Lightfoot cover.

Picked this up a month ago and listened to it every day until I nearly drove myself mad. It's that instantly likeable. Time will tell if it sticks in the rotation.


Seth Anderson said...

Re the Lucinda Williams, I've owned the cd a long time, and still listen to it frequently. Emotional attachment for me, perhaps, as 1998 was sort of a weird time for me, and this album was a constant soundtrack for it.

Also, there is a more recent album Live at the Fillmore turns her material into gnarly rockers. Quite good. The albums between Car Wheels and Live at the Fillmore are less interesting to my ears, but some folk like them.

geoff said...

I saw Lucinda performing live on TV (perhaps on Austin City Limits?) years ago, and meant to pick this up for ages.

I've heard the same from others about the albums since--thanks for the tip.