Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Today was my semi-annual visit with Doc Hartig, wherein he gives me a quick once-over to make sure I have no more melanomas blooming and takes some blood. I mentioned my foot injury from a few months back, and how it's never been right since. He poked and prodded around my ankle and uttered cryptic phrases as is his wont: "hmmm, some sort of fluid patch," "there's a key ligament connection here," "possible surgery," "likely physical therapy," "here's a script for an X-ray, best go today or tomorrow."

So, I'll be waiting around at American Radiology for three or four hours tomorrow for internal pix. Great. I eagerly anticipate the results; could my 24-year running career be over? Must I bike or swim for aerobic exercise?

At least my BP was good: 112/70. The nurse couldn't believe it was so low, so she took it twice on my left arm and tried once on my right.

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