Wednesday, September 27, 2006

La fin

I'm about to finish my third academic degree: in addition to the virtually useless BA and MA in English, I'll have a fantastically practical BA in French Literature come December. The final two requirements for the second BA were a 400-level French course and an advanced Writing course in English, required of all 2nd BA candidates at TU. When I was first notified of the Writing requirement I was teaching advanced writing courses here, and joked with the Enrollment Services staff that I was going to register for my own class and give myself an A. They weren't amused. Finally today after much running around the English Chair gave me a waiver for the requirement, and as soon as I hand in my final paper in FR499 Media and Culture I'll be finished.

I started this degree on a whim; I was considering teacher certification and taking some education classes and took a couple refresher French classes on the side, then gradually dropped the education track and kept plugging away at language classes. Now, c'est presque fini! What's next? I have been accepted into the Graduate English program at the Univ. of Maryland--should I attempt a PhD in Literature, or go ahead and finish my teacher certification and teach English and French to high school students? The former is more interesting, but the latter is much more practical (and potentially much more financially rewarding). Practicality has never been a major concern, however.

Christ, Tiny Drum just came in for the first time since last June. He's as annoying as ever. All of the loony patrons are dropping by to celebrate my Cook Liberry departure.

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