Tuesday, September 12, 2006

More Tunes

It's been six or seven years since I added such a volume of CDs to my collection--when I was managing a Borders I had a monthly merchandise stipend and a huge discount that kept me flush with fresh CDs (not to mention the promo copies I would raid after their listening station careers were over), but I slowed down considerably after the turn of the century. Until this year, that is!

Here are some recent additions:


Nick said...

Which reminds me--I need to add to your volume. All mp3s mostly, but I have some choice stuff headed your way soon.

Seth Anderson said...

I'm refraining from talking trash (self-censoring as is my wont) because I've owned all of these albums (except for the Reisman) for a while, but the Howlin Wolf, and his guitarist Hubert Sumlin are by far my fave from this batch. Ok, I will allow my keyboard one bit: Dirty is my least favorite Sonic Youth album, maybe second least favorite to Goo. If I had your snail address, I'd send you 5 SY albums that are better.
/ truncated rant off.

geoff said...

I like when people hook me up with music! The Nick-generated Elvis mix and the Husker Du certainly got a lot of play 'round here.

Amazon has made it easy to get Sonic Youth/Yo La Tengo stuff of late--many for $7.99! I saw Sonic Youth in '91 opening for neil young (after Social Distortion) and enjoyed them, but for some reason never picked up their stuff. I've remedied that of late with six LPs.