Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Based on Actual Events! Some American dude tries to get home through Turkish customs with about ten pounds of hash taped to his body at a time when terrorists are blowing jetliners out of the sky. Dumbass. He went through some awful shit in that Turkish prison--all of it lovingly re-created in this late-70s pornographic fun-fest--and he goes through some extra shit added by Oliver Stone to the screenplay. Midnight Express should have its own AFI awards: Best Conjugal Visit Scene Ever. Best Tongue Scene Ever. Best All-Male Shower Scene Ever.

My main concern watching the film? What happened to all that hash!? Did it get flushed? Did the cops smoke it? Did they whack it up with the judge? Man, I hate to see good cheese go to waste.

I think Brad Pitt based his entire acting style on Brad Davis' performance here. They even look alike.

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