Thursday, September 07, 2006

I cast thee OUT

According to a new book, Karl Rove had the West Wing exorcised in order to dispell any remnants of HRC's liberal spirit.

Um, Karl? You need to be exercising, not exorcising.

This is sheer lunacy. For starters, HRC is not much of a liberal. Secondly, wasn't HRC soundly ridiculed in the press for channeling spirits, most notably that of Eleanor Roosevelt?* Why isn't Rove's action similarly mocked?

I remember when Frank Burns was just some laughing stock on a 70's TV show. Now the White House is staffed entirely by Frank Burnses, from the Pres on down. It's no longer funny.

*Funny how Nancy Reagan was never similarly pummeled when she used an astrologer to guide Ronnie's policies as he drooled through a second term.

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