Tuesday, June 20, 2006

World Cup

The Chef and I were agitated no end about today's England v. Sweden World Cup showdown. Both teams are wicked good off set plays, after all, and each are demons defensively around the box. The Chef might be disappointed in the resultant 2-2 draw, but I think it my favorite match so far. Both sides served up tasty goals, and the Swedes were inches away from racking up four or five scores against a harried English defense in the 2nd. The English might have all the starpower with their Beckhamses and Crouches and Gerrards and Coles and Roonies, but I'll take those -ssons, -gruns, -lunds to go deep in the tourney.


parnellpr said...

Just found u via blog search on England V Sweden. Did MASSIVE post on it. Wasn't pretty wasn't it? Frustrated.

geoff said...

I agree entirely!