Thursday, June 15, 2006


It does indeed suck to go for a 4-mile run in the sweltering early summer heat only to find out there's no water at the house. I turned the faucet to engage the shower and was rewarded by a dry sputtering. I stink like Richard Simmon's sequined tank top with no way to freshen up. There's a water main break under York Road and it's been leaking and spouting occasionally since Sunday. Only now are the County workers shutting down two lanes of York Road to fix it. All the pipes in the house are by turns gushing and groaning. I feel like I'm on a boat or in a giant aquarium.

One advantage of no water? Another surprise day off. Very rarely working evenings pays off.

Back to World Cup. Go Trinidad & Tobago--shut down the Brits!


Nick said...

ME FUCKING TOO. Except I had to go to work. Envision me heating the BRITA pitcher water in a pot on the stove then taking that into the bathtub.

Nick said...

Me too--except I had to go to work!! I just loved heating up BRITA pitcher water on the stove so that I could rinse off.

geoff said...

Oh, I'm envisioning it alright...heh heh heh