Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Thanks Guys

One expects that Brazil will beat most anybody, so I didn't actually think Ghana would pull off an upset today. Still, I really wanted Ghana to win, but they simply proved yet again that a team can seriously outplay Brazil and lose. Brazil looked sluggish, were selfish with the ball, and outside of a miserable defensive collapse due to opening jitters (allowing Bill-Buckner-hobbling unfit Ronaldo to score his 15th WC goal), Ghana played a truly masterful match. I thank them for the Cinderella run which gave me no end of joy.

Brazil has too much firepower, too many players with exquisite skill around the box. They coast through matches, but are deadly on quick counterattacks and always exploit defensive failures. Had Adriano been called offsides instead of getting Brazil's second goal the outcome might have been different.

I don't think Brazil can beat Spain playing as they have been, and they'll likely have trouble scoring on France, who until recently were themselves incapable of finding the net. But somehow they find a way to win. Looking forward to this afternoon--I like both teams.

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