Monday, June 12, 2006


An intensely busy weekend spent dashing about from event to event--Move Like Seamus show, Woodhall wine tasting, pleasant dinner at the Traveling Joneses', Risk night, Yahtzee's place, Katipunan Filipino Fiesta in Towson, dinner in DC at Marrakesh.

And Sunday was our 12th anniversary to top it all off. I might fumble my way through life with no great ambition or direction, but can rest assured I made at least one excellent decision. Thanks to Eric and Michelle for joining us in DC last night, thanks to Seamus for the Friday-night anniversary shout-out, and thanks to the gracious staff and patrons at Marrakesh who embarrassed us by making us stand and kiss to applause. And thanks to Cha of course for 12 years of wedded bliss!

Saw lots of friends and babies. Ate too much food, drank too much, watched too much football.


Seth Anderson said...

Hey, congrats!

Anonymous said...


geoff said...

Muchas Gracias!