Monday, June 26, 2006


Three days spent moving the in-laws' shite. Three huge truckloads of junk loaded and unloaded. Today roped BroJ into helping out. We killed ourselves with that fucking piano. Couldn't get the truck up to the house because of yesterday's 10 inches of rain. Got the truck stuck in the fucking muck and took 45 minutes to get it out. Moved furniture out of the house across a muddy field to the truck, including the damnable piano, which we rolled along on various pieces of scrap lumber until we got fed up and hefted that shit and baby-walked it over to the slick aluminum ramp up to the truck bed. I composed a Symphony for Hernia and Sciatica once we got it into the truck, using themes from Schoenberg. Now I understand why there are such beings as piano movers. They must be superhuman muthafuckas.

Arrived at the Liberry at 5pm, bleeding from my bashed fingers and badly barked shin, hunched with aching back and limbs. Too old for such labor, and don't know how Cha's parents, both well into their seventies, can handle it at all. I was literally spent after emptying the truck this afternoon, which we finished at 4:15. Glad to find a lot of Inter-Library Loan to do this evening to top off my day.

There's still more shite at the old house. Cha and The Nameless are up there trying to move a fridge and some desks and a few dozen remaining boxes and small pieces. God bless and keep them and their backs. We still have to move some dressers upstairs at the new place. BroJ and I got them in the house and left them in the living room. Couldn't face wrestling another bit of furniture up that narrow stair. On my last trek up I was carrying three stacked drawers full of undies and I got to the second step from the top and almost keeled over--just couldn't get my legs to continue moving. I had to put down the drawers and take a break right there on the stairs.

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