Friday, June 09, 2006


Watching Germany v. Costa Rica and feeling major wanderlust. I've been in Europe for every World Cup and European Championship since '94, and was fortunate enough to be in France for the entire World Cup in '02. Nothing beats settling into a local pub after a heavy day of tourism (or hiking around Lermoos*, for example) and watching matches and drinking heavily with a seething crowd of football fanatics.

Looks like it's not to be this time around, however.

*Lermoos is one of a thousand painfully lovely Austrian towns we visited in '97 & '98. Stay at the stereotypically named Hotel Eidelweiss and have a schnitzel mit kartoffefrei und ein große bier.


Earth Dragon said...

Hey man, stop pushing all of my Tutonic buttons!

Bier, Kartoffeln - man, you may as well add in some Neuer Wein, Zwiebel Küchen, and Schwarzwalder-Kirsch Torte topped with heaps of Schlagsahne!

Oh man - do I want to go back!

geoff said...

I'm with you. Love that section of the world. Must hike the Alpine trail for a few hundred kilo