Wednesday, June 21, 2006


I'm not sure why I didn't like Syriana. Thematically it's a perfect match for my Chomskified worldview: Evil Corporations are ruining the Earth and using politicians and covert ops to foment profitable unrest in the Middle East! The idea of a major Hollywood release featuring major stars and such a "speak truth to power" premise in George W. Bush's America? Let's just say it's surprising such a film was made. I won't say it lived up to my expectations, however. The actors are mostly good to excellent, the stories are not unclever, but it's a bit like going to St. Chappelle on a cloudy day--you can see the potential but can't experience it without sunlight. Though at times impressive, Syriana lacks spark, and seems adrift and lacadasical in its approach to great subject matter. Clooney appeals in his Orson-Wellsish chunkier incarnation, but I shan't recommend this.

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