Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Happy Holiday!

In honor of 6/6/06, I'm listing some of my favorite Satanic music and films:

Thematically appropriate, though an uneven effort. Three quality tracks, including the title tune.

Ozzy might be a new media darling now, but this is still the best devil music.

You need to go to confession after listening to this. Altar of Sacrifice and Jesus Saves are two of my particular favorites, but this CD is a 28-minute joyous bloodbath.

I remember when the cover of the 8-track sent Grammy into paroxysms of rage. Now I play it in remembrance of her.

Fuck the remake. This always reminds me of childhood.

This is harmless camp. Really. Love the Japanese Satanist who takes pictures of the baby.

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Seth Anderson said...

You have seen this Slayer video on YouTube, right?

Probably others, but am too lazy to look at the moment.