Thursday, February 23, 2006

Tout Seul

The worse album cover ever...? But thematically apropos.

The Mrs. is off to Seattle tonight for five days; her best friend from high school has got himself into a rotten mess and he's having a big party before going up the river awhile. Another weekend sad and lonely for me.

My mother-in-law was complaining about Cha doing so much traveling without me. "It's not good for a wife to fly or drive without her husband! She should never get into a car with anyone else!" I said "Ma, I used to fly for business all the time too--most of her traveling is for work." Of course men can do as they please.

I'm amazed when the old-school Filipina Catholic conservatism comes out. Here's a woman whose husband had a daughter out of wedlock with an American in Manila...oh, never mind. I can't figure out her politics at all either. She escaped from Marcos by the skin of her teeth, came to America, built a life for her family, and votes for the friends of Marcos here. I don't need to understand her politics or her morals, so long as she cooks for me!

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