Sunday, February 26, 2006


Man, for the first time I came up short at Yahtzee's semi-annual poker fest. I raked in two fat pots at the outset before Lady T showed up and won all of our money, the shirt off my back, my shoes, my watch, three fillings, and Yahtzee's dignity. He lost all his money and stopped--I was down from $10 to .30 cents before a rash of wins brought me up to between $5 and $6. A strange night because Chief Engineer was up $3, as was notoriously woeful B-Yatch, while Big Fist and I, who usually do well, lost out (though me more than he).

Lady T has two crowns now: she's the current Risk champion and has assumed the purple mantle of champion poker face to boot. What will she do with her titles? "World Peace."

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