Sunday, February 19, 2006


A couple of strange dreams recently, after a long hiatus:

Dream #1

I return home from the grocery store to find the wooden table upon which our 30-gallon aquarium rests has been pulled out from its niche by the fireplace and left in the middle of the living room floor. Instead of being centered on the table, the aquarium has been pushed far to the edge where it rests precariously. "What are you doing?" I ask Cha. "That's not stable!" She laughs. I can't imagine how she moved the table out, let alone the aquarium. She begins pushing at it in order to try to move it back. The glass cracks and the table collapses. Cha runs to get a container of some sort, and I'm screaming "Oh my little guys!" and trying to scoop up 20+ tropical fish, but there are only fragments of fish remaining. I wake up sobbing. [I had this dream during an afternoon nap. Earlier that day I'd found a dried hatchet fish on the floor--the third one to somehow commit suicide with the lid closed!]

Dream #2

I'm in a tunnel somewhere along I-95. It's dark, and I saw something strange, so I get out of my car with a flashlight. I shine the light on a towering figure moving slowly past me, and it's a Sasquatch. I'm amazed, and not afraid. He looks at me, sniffs, and continues on his way. Suddenly I'm in my maternal grandparents' house. My brother-in-law is there in white robes, studying ancient Chinese texts. He leaves me alone in the house and I have no car and no books and I'm bored. [my brother-in-law in real life is a black belt, an accomplished classical guitarist and cellist, a surgeon, an expert at Tai-Chi, rich, and I'd never dreamed about him before]

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