Saturday, February 25, 2006


Culla Holmes knocks up his sister Rinthy. After she births their son in a wildnerness cabin he leaves it on a mossy plateau in the woods and tells her it died. The truth comes out, however, and Rinthy sets off on a quest to find her "little chap." Culla sets out in search of work, meanwhile, and the two encounter many woes on their alternate quests in this mysterious, bleak fable. Three Hell-spawn killers inhabit the landscape, and their crimes are blamed on indigents who are hung in trees as warnings--Culla of course becomes a suspect and while fleeing the authorities runs into the monstrous trio.

I've read Blood Meridian and Child of God and liked them as well--most folk exlcaim over the violence of McCarthy's work, or his brooding evocative prose. I like that stuff fine, but think his books are outright hilarious above all else. Man is a ridiculous beast beset by elements beyond his Will; in imagining otherwise he dooms hisself to repeated comic tragedies.

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