Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Hitting the books

It's weird, but I'm kind of enjoying doing homework again. There's that slight kick into the future, that deadline anticipation; I've been lacking a bit of the temporal lash, lounging too much in the here and now. Give me a month and I might be dreading these assignments...

I've read a good chunk of

tonight and it's reminding me a great deal of

which I should re-read someday.

Kaliayev and Stepan are obviously coming at the Revolution from different angles--the former out of LOVE and BEAUTY and an idealism based upon his belief that le poésie est révolutionaire, the latter thinking only of his hate for tyranny and hate of imprisonment, and frankly, his hate of idealists like Kaliayev. I think Sartre's play came a bit earlier--perhaps I'll contrast the two for Dr. S. Her class is likely to be fun because we're reading interesting stuff, like

[written as a Muslim response to the attacks of 9/11].

Meanwhile I've learned another two letters of Arabic script. I don't think we'll learn any vocabularly or grammar until after the midterm.

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