Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The New Supremes

Excellent news!

I've formed my own religion--services daily in my den. Today at church s. divinorum turned me into a lime green slinky spiraling around an existential event horizon. I cascaded through some sort of sphinctral vortex and emerged minty fresh. Preach on, my brothers! Next up...?

Meanwhile, Dale Pendell's chapters on coffee, tea, and chocolate had me craving much of each the last couple days--so much so that I ordered a mocha latte at Starbuck's. Typically I avoid Starbuck's like the plague, but now that there are 9 in a two-mile radius around my house (and soon to be one upstairs here in the Liberry)* I can't get a fancy coffee drink elsewhere with such ease. Pendell's book was fucking great--it's a classic in a completely unique vein (I've read books by Wendy Doniger, Freud, Noam Chomsky, Rousseau, Voltaire, and Goethe--but never one that cited them all and many other luminaries from a bazzillion fields of expertise), and I'm going to read his others. Pharmako/Dynamis is reminiscent of Burton's Anatomy of Melancholyin that Pendell writes elegant prose with fluid interruptions from other elegant writers interspersed in a perfect whole you can pick up at any place and peruse without losing the thread. He seems to know everything, but like a bodhisvatta, remains humble enough to entertain and enlighten the rest of us.
*one of Pendell's many interesting points is that we're so accustomed to buzzing on caffeine we don't even realize why it used to be considered a sacred substance.

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