Thursday, February 09, 2006

Temporary Bachelor

So the Mrs. is en route to Houston now, flying out to some conference with her boss and a crew of Baltimore City and Howard County teachers. In another couple weeks she'll be in Seattle visiting a friend for four days, then she's off to Milan for a week in April for a Maryland Art Teachers Institute conference, and then to Miami after that for work.

I myself don't miss business travel a bit, but must admit I'm jealous about Milan! I haven't been to Europe since '02 and I'm missing it badly.

I'll be missing the Mrs. badly too, sigh.

Looks like I'll be a bachelor briefly several times in upcoming months, however, and one must muddle on: Beer. Pornography. Maybe some ayahuasca*. Lots of Netflix. Pillow hugging. Poker nights. Red wine.

*Of course I'm joking, Mr. and Mrs. NSA net-snooper!

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