Monday, January 30, 2006

Zouzou is HOT

Dude has a hot but tremendously skinny Parisian wife and a good job. He's got a toddling daughter and another baby on the way. He rides the Metro and checks out chicks, he looks at chicks on the sidewalk, he looks at chicks at restaurants.

But he's not your typical wolf--he's never betrayed Helene, and doesn't plan to--and his musings about the beautiful Parisiennes in microminis tend toward the philosophical more than the erotic: "What is she doing? How is her life different from mine? Had I met her three years ago, what would have happened?" Dude is restless, but he has some standards and tries to live up to them.

Then Chloe--girlfriend of a former friend who tried to kill himself when she left--shows up one day after a mysterious six-year absence. She's skinny like his wife, but is more dangerous, and knows how to tempt him. She announces she's out to seduce Dude and he's like "fuck off," but when she plays hard to get he's all like "fuck, man, maybe I should do it." They hang out together in the afternoons and talk, talk, talk. He comes to rely on her for the deep feminine companionship he's too cowardly to get from the Mrs. They snog a bit, and Chloe shows off her ass, and...

Will he or won't he? For a French film, the answer was surprising (sorry if that's a spoiler). I liked it ok. All the chicks of course get naked, even the Brit au pair.

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