Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Back to School

After slacking off for a year, I'm taking a couple classes again (Unforgiveable to waste that tuition remission, and I did so for two semesters). On MWF at 8am I'm taking Arabic 101. I already know the first five letters of the alphabet and the short vowels--and I only had to do 2 hours of homework for the first day! The class is of course filled with Army guys and at least two wanna-be CIA/NSA types.

I'll also creep a bit closer to my BA in French with Contemporary Literature WW2-present. I was registered for a French media class, but saw the books for this one (Perec, Camus, Beckett) and just had to do it. Dr. S. is showing Le Chagrin et La Pitie in its entirety--a nice trick that to start off the semester without having to lecture. I think I'm only 6 credits shy of that second BA--perhaps I'll finish it this summer or in the Fall, and start another. Spanish? Psychology? Why not something useful like Philosophy or Comparative Religion? Hell, it's free as long as I work at the Liberry.

I can still go to College Park in the Fall--I deferred my entrance into their graduate lit program because they only offer classes when I have to be at work. Perhaps they'll have Friday classes, or at least a morning class or two next time around. But a PhD in Literature becomes less appealing each time I contemplate it.

Aw, working tonight I'll miss the Big Bush Speech. My paraphrase: "Freedom, blah blah, Terrorists, blah blah, Culture of Life, blah blah, Taxes, blah blah, Strong Economy, blah blah, 9/11, blah blah, nukelear, blah."

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