Monday, January 30, 2006

Strange Days Have Found Us

Something weird's going on; the air don't feel right, like there's too many orgones, or two few, humming through the atmosphere. About an hour ago a Korean exchange student walked into a floor-to-ceiling window here at Cook Liberry, thinking it as a door to the outside. He's very fortunate it didn't guillotine him to death. Poor kid thought the TU State Police were going to arrest him. Housekeeping is out there now cleaning up huge chunks of tinted glass.

Saturday we went to a birthday party for Damnyelli and Earthdragon--that in itself is not weird or strange, but a Mid-Atlantic birthday party in January where half the crowd hangs out in the backyard all day in shortsleeves? Playing Frisbee? WTF--it's been over 60 degrees for a third of January, and over 50 the rest of the month. I'm not complaining (even though I love winter) because we have an oil furnace, and last year we paid more than $500 a month--so far this year I've paid only $480, for Nov/Dec/Jan! And oil is more than twice as expensive this year.

Flea and J357 brought Eve by for a while. She's a hoot with her toddler cellphone shenanigans and her sudden bursts of the crawlies. I got to dawdle little Sion on my knee for a half hour--I bounced him through a couple creamy projectile spit-ups and into a sort of coma before Damnyelli took him away. He's adorable, and not too stinky. For some reason I was arguing about tennis with King Raj and The Sandstress--I haven't watched tennis since like 1995. I think the discussion of Graf vs. Seles put him to sleep more than the bouncing.

10 beers and half a bottle of pinot make me wanna argue about anything.

At the party there were lesbians switching teams and I got kissed on the mouth by an Iraq War vet just off the plane from Kuwait--literally just off the plane. "I don't know who you are," he said, holding my cheeks in hands that recently were pointing a 50 cal mounted atop an armored vehicle. "But I love you." Then Cha announced that she wanted to be bi, and Thundergod was complimented on his zesty bangers. It became time to go home. We had a message from Julio and Yo! Adrienne asking if karaoke was a possibility, but we didn't play it until Sunday am.

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