Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Job

I'm back at "work" today, which sucks. The last four days were a veritable whirlwind, what with the 30 hours sans sleep in a hospital room in Gettysburg, followed quickly by New Year's Eve debauchery--Sunday and Monday are a blur as a result. I know we went to dinner with Julio and Yo! Adrienne last night, and discussed buying a hamlet in Italy, but I don't recall much else.

Here's what I should do today:

Shuffle around some DVD orders for the Dance department. I'm not going to order them, but if I leaf trough and perhaps write notes on them, I'll feel better.

Do Inter-library loan lending searches. Since we had 5 requests today that took all of, hm, three minutes?

Catalog four books. Not gonna do it. Can't really remember how after all those martinis and the two bottles of red Saturday night/Sunday morning.

Oh, I get to work the Service Desk from 3:30 until 10pm. I won't see a patron the entire time either.

Just keep thinking: In two weeks I'm in Mexico.

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