Monday, January 23, 2006

A National Treasure

I like funny Molly Ivins a great deal, but angry Molly Ivins is even better.

I watched Paul Begala and James Carville on Meet the Press yesterday, dismayed to note how they agreed with Mary Matalin over and over, and how they failed to defend Howard Dean against her loony accusations that he's merely a "helium balloon" and "incompetent." So long as these DLC suits continue pushing marketing over substance, and triangulation over progressivism, the Democratic Party will remain fractured and non-functional. Dean's doing the legwork of rebuilding the Party state-by-state while Begala and Carville are boozing it up with lobbyists and think-tank drones.

I think of Al Gore's and John Kerry's coached 'sincerity' and cringe. You can't practice sincerity, and that's what Begala and Carville seem to think needs to happen for the Democrats to win. Either you're sincere, or you're not. Either the Democrats are in opposition to the Republicans, or they're not--these DLC clowns are basically Nixonian progressives, not Democrats, and I've said it a thousand times: why vote for a mildly conservative party when you can have the real thing? Gore Vidal was correct: "In American there is one conservative party with two wings." But there are signs of hope, mostly amongst the grass roots, where people grow tired of being gamed by the system.

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