Sunday, January 22, 2006

Just a tease...

Up close and personal with the flamingos at Celestun.
In Loltun caves. The Maya have their own version of Yggsidril--this was
one of their natural
shrines, with images of Cha'ac Mol carved nearby. Some paintings in the caves
date to 15,000 years ago.
At Progresso...rawr! Probably the only time we truly relaxed.
The final chamber of Balankanche caves--the water is actually reflecting the roof. To the right
and out of frame were dozens of Mayan incense offering bowls.

One of my favorite places--Ik-kil cenote. We had a great swim here; the water is more than 300 feet deep. The Maya knew how to pick their sacred spots!

At Chichen Itza--pyramid closed to climbers just this week because a Yank tourist fell off and died, dammit.

Again at Chichen Itza.

Until I can scramble together a travelogue, this'll have to do...

And in case you were wondering, being home sucks.

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