Sunday, January 15, 2006

Le Weekend

The funeral went off without a hitch, but the Monahan Funeral Home was overwhelmed by the crowd Gramps had. My niece Danielle (named after her great-grandpa) gave a little speech she'd written. As soon as she took the podium I turned to mush, and though she had a great laugh-line in there when it was done nary a dry eye was in the place. Then Cha told a story about meeting Grampa and sang "Amazing Grace." I'd warned her about those Myerses and Bighamses being good singers, and as soon as she sang the first word about 60 people joined in, many doing harmony parts. Again, waterworks.

At the viewing I spoke to a third cousin whose daughter is doing genealogical research. We're distantly related to Thomas Jefferson, and although I'd heard we were descended from Bitish knights I'd not heard about the French blue-blood connections. An English monarch in our line was named Bluetooth, he told me, but I found out today by Googling that Bluetooth was in fact a Danish king, and his son briefly ruled England but was never crowned. And I was hoping for an inheritance.

We retired after the graveside ceremony to the Fairfield Volunteer Fire Co and had a luncheon for the family. Sis's in-laws (who are also friends of the family going way back) were extremely helpful, and the day was a huge success.

Saturday night Lady T and Stewie and Yahtzee came over for the Risk rematch, and Lady T and I had one thing in mind: Kill Yahtzee. It took a while, but things worked out as planned. Lady T took the title with no trouble at all. That's all right, I win her money on poker nights.

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