Friday, August 12, 2005

We're off

Cha and I are headed north to Lake Ontario for a week spent with my crazy family at some cabin by the water. It's quite likely I'll have no 'net or news access for the entire seven days, and that's alright with me. I want to fish, drink beer by the gallon, smoke like a chimney, and look at the goddam stars while lying on my back in a rowboat.

We were supposed to leave tomorrow, but since Lenore and Schott want us to be godparents to wee Emily, and the Christening is Sunday, we'll be leaving a bit late.

I'm looking forward to the Christening, and that pledge to raise the child Catholic if--God forbid--the worst were to happen. I'm not Catholic, I'm an athiest, and I would never raise anyone in a faith of any kind. When I was 12 my grandparents took me to church for what was supposed to be my baptism into the Church of the Nazerene, but I refused to get in the dunking tank. I did keep the gift Bible they gave me, though.

We lie to make our lives easier. I'm sure Lenore and Schott understand that. Cha had to get her priest to fill out a form pledging that we were both practicing Catholics before the ritual--she added my name after the priest filled it out to avoid our disqualification as candidates! So naughty. Her penance? A week with my stepbrothers.

Immediately after work today Yahtzee and I are headed to Hereford High to run the X-country course, one of the toughest high school courses in the country, and where we cut our teeth as young runners. What better way to celebrate today's heat advisory? Hereford's reputation comes largely from Suicide Hill, pictured below.

I feel for those poor suckers who still have to run the County and State Championships there, not to mention the dreaded Hereford Invitational!

On those bloodied plains, this is not an uncommon sight...

We Bulls had the advantage of training on Suicide Hill daily--not these other suckas. Work it!