Friday, August 12, 2005

Weird Dream

Last night I dreamed I was partying with a bunch of rich snooty teens, the sort of superficial attractive people I've never felt comfortable around--the type who are featured on MTV "reality" shows. They were at my house late at night and we were playing an elaborate drinking game with cards and poker chips. It was vital for me to be accepted by these people, despite the fact I hated them all.

In the wee hours of the morning I was getting nervous because I had to work the next day, and I thought "Once upon a time an hour of sleep would've been enough to party again..."

Then I was looking in a mirror and saw a bald spot on top of my head, but upon closer examination I was tonsured like a monk. I went outside and there was a brown bear on my back deck. I offered him some food and he spoke to me; then I saw a wolf behind the gas grill, and I noticed the vacant house next door had its back door open. I heard a familiar bark from inside the kitchen there and it was Happy the mutt who died two years ago of cancer, perhaps precipitating my neighbor's bizarre behavior and eventual disappearance. I was overjoyed to see her and she bounded over to me but was intercepted by the wolf, who did not bite me but showed me his teeth. I tried to get into the house but the wolf slunk in between my legs, then stretched out like dogs do and raised his ass and farted at me. I pushed him out the door with a broom and awoke.