Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Ghost of Nixon

The news is great fun these days--I'm very excited and intrigued by:
  • The Abramoff/DeLay investigations
  • The upcoming Vanity Fair article alleging Denny Hastert took bribes from Turkish hoodlums
  • The Plame investigation and all its sinuous twists 'n turns
  • CoinGate in Ohio
  • And this remarkably under-reported story might just wrap things up like a Xmas gift

GHWB was for years an obsession; I thought he was the real brains behind Reagan, and had cooked up all the criminality in what was up to that time the most corrupt Administration ever. Now it pains me to admit that GHWB looks A-OK compared to GWB, whose machinations far outsrip his old man's shenanigans.

GHWB pardoned everyone who could possibly testify to anything that would potentially lead to his own indictment, however, and Bill Clinton was a pussy about pursuing Republican corruption and they sure paid him back for his kindness! Here's hoping W gets outfoxed, and that all his shit hits the fan before Roberts or anyone else gets confirmed. Hmmm....Bush and Cheney indicted by Fitzgerald, and Hastert and DeLay under investigation, and Ohio with its nefarious machine unraveling? Where does it all lead? I think all of these puzzle pieces add up to one big raft of shit for the Admin--but don't count out the Bushies and their wiley ways.

If Bush is indicted before Roberts is confirmed, and Cheney too--the Dems can stall Roberts with impunity, and if there's an impeachment...

Bah! What does it matter? Nixon managed to redeem himself (how about that epitaph!) to the point that his felons can go on TV and blast Mark Felt as a villain. Now that he's roasting in Hell I wonder what counsel he'd give Bush/Rove? I fear an unsatisfactory resolution coming down the pike, even if Fitzgerald nails everyone with indictments (tho that'll be a satisfying day indeed). And I have no confidence in the Democrats to be any better if they manage the miraculous in '06.