Monday, August 29, 2005


I dunno, I guess this was OK; I enjoyed the Micky Rourke section quite a bit--the Bruce Willis stuff was ok; Clive Owen and Benicio del Toro rocked their segment. Better than Kill Bill, but not by much.

Simply Divine! Her energy and charisma in this role are extraordinary. A film with the sleazy gumption of the original Texas Chainsaw, but with Benny Hill slapstick thrown into the mix. My favorite scene? Mink Stole as Divine's fucked up daughter staging car accidents in the living room as a cry for attention. Hilarious.

I had to see this of course because of the wretched reviews, and was disappointed to find that Alexander is much better than I'd heard. Certainly it's not a great piece of cinema, and falls comfortably into a long line of films made with a gorgeous ineptitude by Mr. Stone (The Doors, JFK, Nixon) that, despite major flaws, are vastly entertaining in my opinion. I think Alexander is better than Platoon, frankly, and is certainly finer than the abysmal Gladiator and the flatulent Troy of last year, to mention two films of similar genre. I think of the great press Gladiator got, and its Best Picture nod, and wonder why Alexander was so soundly trashed? Perhaps the DVD re-edit was sufficient to right a trainwreck? It wouldn't surprise me if the rather quaint and subdued homoeroticism was too much for audiences and critics, because honestly I think this was a pretty lush and engaging work with some minor narrative flashback problems and an impressive cast.