Monday, August 08, 2005

This one's for you!

I still sometimes think of my good bud Sluggo as the guy who puked carrots and radishes all over the back porch at The Hulk's parents' house after drinking several Red, White, and Blues. That was 20 years ago, however.

Friday he and SW had baby #5; and yes, as rumored, baby #5 is indeed a girl. She's got:
  • four older brothers to protect her
  • four older brothers to torture her

Congratulations on the birth, and welcome to little Ava Corrine!

PS: I would gladly have visited Sluggo and Spooge Whore at the hospital, considering they were a few blocks from my front door, but since baby #1 I've been banned from visiting by SW. I made her laugh so much when she had Eli that she popped her staples. Sluggo says he can't even take a picture of me into the delivery room any more. For baby two I showed up and she ordered me out and Sluggo and I drank all night at Bill Bateman's.