Monday, August 22, 2005

Movies Endured on Vacation--and Music

A bit of folk wisdom, ascribed to "Chaos Theory" at the opening of The Butterfly Effect, notes that a few flaps of a butterfly's wings on one side of Earth can result in a tsunami on the other. The point that something seemingly insignificant and harmless can have a major and disastrous impact is then proved by the movie itself, as its insignificant plot overwhelmed me with major boredom at a distance from the TV of at least 4 meters. Ashton--go back to the '70s. Please!

Despite its treading dangerously close in the middle third to the ultimate comic-book turd-dom of that Hulk movie a few years back, I really liked Hellboy. I've always found Ron Perlman appealing--and his shoulder-shrugging disgruntled anti-hero works well. Plus, Hellboy fights Cthulu; HPL has never looked better on the silver screen, and the nod to dorky Cthulu Mythos fans is much appreciated.

Tha shiznit! I'm particularly disinterested in how much cock Easy E should suck or any of the other little personal beefs between Dre and Snoop and other West-Coasters 15 years ago...but I'm very interested in the fat beats on this LP. Deez nuts rule!