Tuesday, May 17, 2005

NOT just a Bill

I caught Bill Moyers' rabble-rousing speech on CSPAN-2 last night, then watched much of it again on CSPAN-1 immediately after. It's wonderful! I've always admired Moyers, and thought NOW a great show.

I've never seen him ANGRY before, however. There are moments in this speech of beautiful indignation, and I recommend you download it from C-SPAN because reading it won't be the same:

Who are they? I mean the people obsessed with control, using the government to threaten and intimidate. I mean the people who are hollowing out middle-class security even as they enlist the sons and daughters of the working class in a war to make sure Ahmed Chalabi winds up controlling Iraq's oil. I mean the people who turn faith-based initiatives into a slush fund and who encourage the pious to look heavenward and pray so as not to see the long arm of privilege and power picking their pockets. I mean the people who squelch free speech in an effort to obliterate dissent and consolidate their orthodoxy into the official view of reality from which any deviation becomes unpatriotic heresy.

That's who I mean. And if that's editorializing, so be it. A free press is one where it's OK to state the conclusion you're led to by the evidence.

Go, Bill go! [The entire Newsweek "scandal" proves that Moyers' concerns are all the more vital at this time, BTW.]

Also a blast: Galloway's priceless ridiculing of that weasle Sen. Norm Coleman today. Take that, Asshat!

And, of course, Tom Tomorrow rules.