Tuesday, May 24, 2005

C is for Contractor

After many phonecalls and webpostings and emailed inquries I finally got some contractors to agree to come look at my house and bid on our desired projects. Today Curtis, Clayton, and Charles from Company A measured, speculated, opined, questioned, and explored all over 2 York Road. They had dollar signs in their eyes when I told them what we'd like done and how much we had at our disposal--but they weren't so happy when I said we'd have to actually inhabit the property while they worked on it; they want us to put everything in storage and "go away" for a month.

Yeah, right. And when we returned after a month they'd have a zillion excuses for why things were not finished and why the project had reached 140% of the original estimate, which should be delivered next week.

Tomorrow Wayne from Company B is visiting at 11am. He says he'll only need 30 minutes with me at the house and then two hours at his showroom later.