Thursday, May 12, 2005

Happy happy

Birfdays was the worst days
Now we drink champagne when we thirstay

Notorious B.I.G.

I don't hate birthdays, I simply don't care about them. It's rather arbitrary to choose May 13 each year to celebrate as "my day" just because 36 years ago I popped out and wailed me first wail then and whatnot. We should always celebrate ourselves, no?

But I do like those occasional Friday the 13th birthdays. Big plans? Hell, no. I may take myself out to lunch at the Khumari buffet. Maybe I'll get off my keister and do the long-overdue mulching and spring cleaning. Perhaps I'll open a fine red and sit in the yard with Kazuo Ishiguro. Having no plans are my favorite plans of all.

Today I had my first Cook Liberry birthday bash. It's a sweet tradition the old-schoolers here insist upon; when a member of Tech Services has a birthday, everyone gathers round in the common area upstairs and we eat homemade cakes and other goodies. I was fortunate enough to get fantastic Ferocity dirt cupcakes (no, not REAL dirt) with gummy worms poking out of them. The Bus, Damnyelli, and Earthdragon apparently helped in their construction. Delicious, with pudding in the middle.

I just realized that I had one of those at 2pm, and a cookie, and two strawberries, and it is now 10 and I've eaten naught else today.

Woke this morning with an urge to speak with Julio. As I set up the coffee pot to brew I picked up the phone, then nature called, so I put the phone back in its cradle and had just situated myself on the john and unfurled Updike's Max Ernst musings when the phone rang downstairs. It was, of course, Julio. I called him back minutes later and we chatted while I drank my coffee. He was playing Led Zep IV and I teased him about it, but had to admit I'd been hankering for some Zep myself lately. I wore that shit out as a teen to the point that hearing Zep on the radio would induce rage. Now, I'm ready to listen again after a decade off. I think this craving came from seeing Robert Plant on Charlie Rose last night. He's fucking old, man. The bands I grew up with (Zep, The Who, The Stones, etc) are OLD, and most of them are on car commercials. I had no idea Plant had a new album. Rose asked him if he still had any pain over John Bonham's death, and Plant said something very interesting:

"Of course it's American television, so always 'the pain.'"

I forgot to note the other night a tremendous occurence. Yahtzee failed to beat me at pool a majority of the games for the first time ever Tuesday night. We tied, 4-4, before some punk ass hipsters tried to take our table, only to be soundly defeated by ME, with no help from the normally superior stickman. Then, we lost to some rich guy and his girlfriend twice before beating them finally.

Only one more Sunday to work before I get them off all summer...