Tuesday, May 31, 2005


I had a deliciously lazy weekend and did next to NOTHING. Friday we ate at Kyodai and played Scrabble; Cha beat me 284-282. Saturday we visited Len and Schott and their new twins. I held wee Emily for an hour as she slept and occasionally fussed--she's the tiniest thing I've ever seen at barely six pounds. Mom and Dad are doing well but they must be going mad. In the three hours we were there there was not a second where one or the other baby wasn't bawling, hungry, or pooping. In fact, poor Len often has the twins feeding at once, and as soon as they're done eating they poop and then after being changed they poop again and are immediately hungry. Sleep? Yeah, right.

Saturday evening we went to M and M's new house in Rogers Forge. Newlyweds who just spent a month moving and painting without doing any socializing=truly hyper folk. We played board games as usual (Balderdash, some Lego version of charades) and finished lots of wine.

Sunday Cha had a booth at the SoWeBo Festival and made several hundred dollars selling her political buttons and T-shirts and henna tattoos. Meanwhile I stayed home and did LESS THAN NOTHING all day.

Monday we went to the Khumari buffet, walked around Mt. Vernon for an hour, then ate dinner with Julio and Yo! Adrienne at Saigon remembered. Then, Cha again defeated me at Scrabble, 259-238.

Have I mentioned I hate Scrabble?

Now I'm back at work. Several daytime positions are popping up in Tech Services, and I hope I can land one of those. I was completely unable to drag myself out of bed this morning, and kept going back to sleep until noon when I finally jumped up and went for a three mile run before work.