Sunday, May 15, 2005


To George Stephanobfuscus on This Week. I don't watch nearly the amount of political TV I used to, but his mention of the British memo was the first I'd heard of it on TV. In Saturday's Washington Post I saw a letter from a reader asking why in God's name the memo had only received brief mention on page A18 more than a week after the London Times cover story (I'd refer the writer to Noam Chomsky's work on media filters for the answer), but outside of that there seems to be little concern about what is quite clearly evidence of yet another impeachable offense by W. and Co.

George S. brought the memo to the attention of Senator John McCain, who sputtered, denied, and changed the subject as quickly as possible, saying something along the lines of:

Saddam was shooting at American planes! Every day!

McCain then said he was "guardedly optimistic" about the outcome of W.'s adventure.